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Foster Care

September has been named Kinship Awareness Month this year for the first time ever in Nebraska. Currently, around 800 children in Douglas and Sarpy counties are placed in Kinship Foster Care. 

Responses that foster parents receive when others learn about foster care could fill a whole book. Meet our newest staff member, Jill Michalski, and read some of the questions she's received, and her responses.

Many people consider foster care for a few years before deciding to take the plunge. We encourage prospective foster parents to think through the life changing decision - and our commitment to the training model helps ensure you're prepared.

June is National Reunification Month - which can be a beautiful time celebrating children who get to return to their parents.

Foster Care Month is recognized across the country this month. Foster parents play a huge role in the system, but there are ways for everyone to get involved to support the children and families.

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