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Foster Care

Ideas to help a foster child experience joy this Christmas season.

Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but there are ways for everyone to support foster families in our communities. We believe Care Teams are the answer to helping foster families foster longer and stronger.

We have been asked "What makes Release Ministries different?" many times - and one of the ways we believe we are well equipped to help foster parents with this journey is through the experiences of our staff.

Since 2003, one Sunday in November has been recognized as "Orphan Sunday." Please join us in prayer leading up to this year's Orphan Sunday.

September has been named Kinship Awareness Month this year for the first time ever in Nebraska. Currently, around 800 children in Douglas and Sarpy counties are placed in Kinship Foster Care. 

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The Christmas season is the season of giving. But what does that look like for families who are in crisis, or families who just need a helping hand? There’s a right way and a wrong way to help. Here is how you give well… “If your brother becomes poor and cannot maintain himself, you shall […]

I definitely have some grinch/scrooge tendencies when it comes to Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a magical time, but all of the work for creating that “magic” seems to fall on the shoulders of mothers who are decorating, baking, … Continue reading

As time has gone on, I’ve gotten more acquainted with--if still not totally
comfortable with--saying no. I’ve learned that knowing when to say yes and
when to say no is one of the most important parts of doing this thing well.

The whys of a family’s decision to place a child in respite care is
endless, beyond a simple explanation, and no one else’s business.

If you are a foster parent, you will learn patience. You can learn it by
kicking and screaming and complaining and worrying. But you will learn it
just the same.

The adoption and foster care journey are filled with moments where a leap of faith is more than needed. It’s necessary. That’s why we love the following words on faith. May this encourage you as you step into the New Year… Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and jump in over our […]